RELEASE DATE: November 25, 2022


Inu-Oh was a true Sarugaku Noh artist who was very successful in Japan during the 14th century. Today he is very little known because of the little information that exists about his work. Now, almost 600 years later, this project reflects the legendary friendship between Inu-Oh and a Biwa artist with whom he developed a deep friendship.


English Title: Inu-ô
Original Title: INU-OH
Year of Production: 2021
Country: Japan
Original Language: Japanese
Duration: 98 minutes
Distributors: Cinemarán
Director: Masaaki Yuasa
Producers: Eunyoung Choi; Fumie Takeuchi
ScreenWriters: Hideo Furukawa, Akiko Nogi
Voice Cast: Avu-chan; Mirai Moriyama; Kenjirô Tsuda; Yutaka Matsushige; Tasuku Emo