Goodbye Monster

RELEASE DATE: February 10, 2023


The world of Kunlun, composed of thousands of islands, is obsessed with dark spirits, a form of poisonous essence that causes irreversible damage to the mind. Bai Ze, in an attempt to defend the healing island from the dark spirits, applies his unproven theory but ends up destroying the entire island and is expelled by the masters.

Seven years later, when Bai Ze is about to demonstrate the results of his research, he falls victim to a trap. Forced to flee, he escapes to the now-ruined healing island where a qilin named Yi is seeking a cure for his slow-growing horn. The young man suffers such frustration and pain that he can no longer contain the erosion of the Dark Spirits.

On the one hand, Bai Ze needs to regain his name; on the other, a patient desperately needs his help. What will Bai Ze do? Will he be able to banish the Dark Spirits and heal the world?


Gender: Animation/Fantasy/Adventure
Director: Jianming Huang
Original Language: Chino
Duration: 99 Minutes